Hi darling and welcome to my website.Because the final users of penis enlargement results are mostly women I might as well named the website WOMENLIB.COM,but it was taken...

First of all let me clarify that the claims made here are based on the experience of thousands of users and not in scientific conclusions.Seccondly take into account that I provide commercial penis weights hangers of my design and production therefore I am an interested party.Nevertheless I declare that my main reason to provide penis weights hangers is to help those in desparate need to enlarge their penis to do so FOR REAL,while staying in business,and not to enrich myself.My prices are a proof of that.After this due diligent disclosure I believe you should read the following as valuable information about what penis hangers work and which of them do not and why.

The secret of successful penis weights hanging is comfortable heavy weights hanging for a substantial enough amount of time every training day.COMFORT EQUALS RESULTS.You cannot hang weights heavy enough for training sessions long enough to create real measurable penis enlargement if the hanger is not COMFORTABLE for those kinds of heavy weights,and training sessions durations.And the sessions(with 5 minute stops in the middle)need to be pretty long so that the quality of the hanger is measured by its comfort under this kind of use.
No free lunch.As a rule of the thumb any routine aimed to real penis enlargement such as the results quoted in our Testimonials paragraph require AT LEAST one hour daily training sessions(with 3-4 breaks of 5 minutes) with increasingly heavier weights.The claim that you can achieve real enlargement using only 6 lbs in the long range is a BLANTANT LIE.
All our penis weights hangers:The SIZEWARRIOR,The OPTIMAL and The FOOTPLUS have been found by our thousands of successful users to be the safest most comfortable and heavy duty hangers compared with all the other hangers in the market.Most of our users had previous experience with noose,sandwich or vacuum hangers or all of them and their veredict is clear:the FOOTPLUS,SIZEWARRIOR and OPTIMAL hangers allow workouts unsurpassed or even matched by any other hanger.
The secret of our hangers is the patented method used to embrace the whole shaft of the penis, distributing the pressure in the widest way possible over the entire shaft,which decreases the stress per square inch of the penis skin,leading to a comfortable experience with heavier weights.
The phony penis hangers providers of(for example noose,straps,lace or sandwich like device based hangers)only care that their merchandise looks good and their websites look credible,although in fact they are full of false claims, and they sell hangers that slip and hurt under heavy weights used long enough(not only 10 or 20 minutes a day)to generate real penis enlargement.After all they see themselves as selling adult novelty("a small and inexpensive toy or ornament". Dictionary definition).
This is the reason of the other hangers failure to deliver real penis enlargement:they concentrate the pressure of the weights in small or not big enough areas of the penis.Devices based on any kind of noose that is supposed to tie up the penis just under it's head(with or without protective sleeve) do not work because at tensions intense enough to produce real enlargement they let the penis slip out of their grip.This means that you have to use the device at a gentle tension incapable of producing real penis enlargement or tighten the noose up further to prevent slippage which may be bearable for one or two sets of 10 minute hanging but which will turn painful for 4 or more sets of ten minutes separated by 5 minutes breaks.That pain and the physical harm that may come with it will prevent you from training for a number big enough of sets to generate real penis enlargement.Their marketing narrative will talk about how much you need to wait to see results,but that in fact is a smoke screen to make you wait and wait for results that will never come.
Also hangers that compresses the penis between two surfaces united by screws (sandwich like) are useless because at loads heavy enough an a number of 10 minutes hanging sets big enough to generate real penis enlargement the discomfort is unbearable. Stay away from them.
Stay away also from devices claiming that you need to hang only 10 or 20 minutes a day.The truth is that the least you need to hang per day if you want to achieve real measurable Penis Enlargement is 1 hour in 4 sets of 10 minutes with a 5 minute break between them.The reason of their claims is that their phony hangers cannot be used safely and comfortably for that kind or heavier routine.
All attachments based on VACUUM produce blisters that limit the amount of weight that can be used to a small weight.Remember,only heavy weights can produce measurable increase. Particularly but not only traction methods that use vacuum devices that hold the penis mostly by the head,almost without holding the shaft area affected by surgery ,and have been invented and developed for after surgery use, do not work,because at weights big enough to produce real results,they bring about blisters and wounds in the tip of the penis head,turning the method itself useless as a standalone method of penis enlargement.The FOOTPLUS,the SIZEWARRIOR and the OPTIMAL systems,because embrace the shaft of the penis directly(without using vacuum),and have been developed for use without surgery,gets a much stronger hold of the shaft,and can allow more intensive loads with comfort and safety than any of those methods by up to twice as much,therefore allowing the possibility of real success.
Human touch:with us you can talk to a live person by phone.Most websites do not give you a phone for questions and support.Some websites have a phone number but you never get to talk to anybody alife.All machines.We are not afraid of the customer after the sale is made because our hangers WORK.
It is easy to claim results and present false achievement figures as testimonials selling useless hangers and devices.You need to check out how long have the websites been in business (if you do a Whois in our flagship website NEWOPTIMAL.COM you will see that we created it in 1998).You need to talk with them in the phone and use all your senses to judge who you are dealing with.Otherwise you will come back to us in a while after your own experience with phony hangers corroborates our warnings.We will be still waiting to you.
It is my word,against theirs,but I believe that truth has a power of its own to open the eyes of those that are discerning enough ,and why not clever enough to see it in front of them.

Our penis weights extra safe and comfortable hangers are sold separately or as parts of packages that include users manuals and steel penis weights.We have different models at competitive prices and it is for you to decide among the many options from $48 (without weights,including shipping anywhere for the FOOTPLUS) or $149.99 for the SIZEWARRIOR,our top of the line hanger with 8 pounds of steel weights with free shipping anywhere.Now you can afford the BEST PENIS WEIGHTS HANGING SYSTEM there is.

Our products were sold by the thousands and we have a very large number of success stories of users achieving their goals.We got hundreds of thank you letters that testify the quality of our products.Visit our products pages and read the testimonials.All products come with a failure proof guarantee(devices that break are replaced free of charge for a lifetime).Nobody in the market stands by their Penis Weights Hangers as we do.Customer service is as far as an e-mail or a phone call to a live person.Purchasers of complete SIZEWARRIOR and OPTIMAL packages have the most comprehensive 6 months results guarantee.We allow for a return and refund of the device if you do not gain at least one inch after 6 months of use following the instructions(see the Conditions link).

Our Results Statement "From the thousands of successful users of the SIZEWARRIOR and the OPTIMAL penis weights systems we learn that a large number of them achieved the first inch of enlargement in length and equivalent width(girth) gains in up to 6 months following the instructions at least 1 hour or more a day,5 times a week or more.Among them many continued for a total gain in length of between 2 inches and over 4 inches and substantial girth gains.

Relax...Your search regarding your penis size problem is over.All you need to do is follow the LINK.(CLICK HERE) to the different products webpages and study each of them or compare them in the comparison below and then get your own penis weights and in a short while(penis weights is the fastest way to enlarge your penis) you will be all that you can and want to be.

Our devices are tough,comfortable and easy to use and some users report hanging over 20 lbs of weights with all of them.Not only that,unlike the hangers based on Velcro(slip),noose(painful) or vacuum(bleeding and blisters),all our systems really work with HEAVY weights necessary for real penis increase.(beware of light weights that are used all day.In order to increase penis for real you need weights that are really heavy and have to be unloaded every ten to twenty minutes to allow normal blood flow to the penis,so if it can be used all day it means it will not work.)


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Upon the basis of the many years of experience with the classical Optimal weights system, we developed the sophisticated SIZEWARRIOR which allows comfortable use of the attachment of weights to your penis and is the ultimate penis weights attachment available.Our top of the line.You can choose your SIZEWARRIOR size between 3 sizes,that cover any initial erect penis size from 3" to 8 1/2".The SIZEWARRIOR is sold in complete packages that include one device the size of your choice,instructions, accessories(wrapping materials and a chain to hold the weights) and 8 Lbs of steel weights for $198 with Express shipping or $149.99 with free shipping(USA addresses only,after discount using the discount code "12345678",and packages without the weights(device,accessories and instructions) for $107 with express shipping or $85(USA addresses using code "12345678") with free shipping.See all the options in the link immediately below:

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Since 1997 the workhorse of penis enlargement.Along the years of experience,we perfected the most efficient penis weights device.The most affordable yet most effective system to enlarge your penis with weights,and also the most popular,used by thousands of satisfied clients which accomplished their most important goal in life,by using the Optimal system.Any Classical Optimal system comes with two devices that cover any initial erect penis size from 3" to 7".(you don't have to choose,it comes with both)
The OPTIMAL systems are sold in complete packages that include 2 standard devices (a smaller one and a larger one covering any initial erection from 3 to 7 inches)2 Books,accessories(wrapping materials and a belt to hold the weights), and 8 lbs of steel weights for $162 including express shipping(USA addresses).The OPTIMAL systems are sold without weights too or with e-books versions of the books which are more conveniently priced. Currently there are further discounts as you will see in the link immediately below:

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Both systems are comfortable,efficient and allow the maximal weight stretch possible with any system whatsoever,and therefore fast and sure results(both carry a results guarantee).They both come with custom steel weights,and necessary accesories,as well as printed material with detailed instructions,but can be purchased without weights too.

Both the Classical OPTIMAL and The SIZEWARRIOR are top of the line.The classical Optimal can be bought with the "Optimal Penis Enlargement Manual",and "The twelve secrets of penis enlargement" two exclusive penis enlargement books(together around 200 pages of no nonsense must read penis enlargement material,not available anywhere else),that cover everything you wanted to know about penis enlargement and you did not dare to ask.The SIZEWARRIOR comes with an instructions book that includes also photographs illustrating its use.Both systems are the two most efficient and comfortable way to hang heavy weights from your penis(some of our customers report to have hanged over 20Lbs of weight with comfort).It is difficult to choose between them because they are both top of the line,but you should check out the links above to see what conbination of features is the one that meets your needs and your budget.Nevertheless if you can afford the SIZEWARRIOR,then go for it because the majority of people that used them both claim the SIZEWARRIOR is easier to use.Still many of them claimed they prefer the OPTIMAL system because of the same reason and also because you get two devices of different sizes for the price of one,so you may prefer to have them both to decide for yourself which one is the best for you.Because of popular demand we created the mixed SIZEWARRIOR-OPTIMAL complete package.

Cannot choose between both systems?Want them both?Now you can have them for a special reduced price(for a limited time only) and with FREE THIRD DAY INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS DELIVERY!!!
This is what you get:

1)A hard copy of the Optimal Penis Enlargement Manual(with all the techniques of penis enlargement that you will not find anywhere else explained in great detail)
2)The Optimal patented attachment of weights to your penis.
3)Eight lbs of custom first class steel penis weights(not available anywhere else)
4)A hard copy of the book "The twelve secrets of penis enlargement".
5)A SIZEWARRIOR device the size of your choice.
6)The six months results guarantee for both devices.
7)International third day express delivery .
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If it ever cross your mind to attempt a home made solution to hanging weights from your penis,our advice is don't(it will take you years to find a thing that really works,if you are very very lucky,say one in one thousand),but if you are only interested in spending as little as posible in something that will work right the way,we have something cheaper than a do it yourself hanger that actually works.
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