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Jelk,milking and similar massaging techniques.
The method called Jelq or milking is a technique that appeared in the penis enlargement scene in the late nineties.This is the ingenious idea: Let us create an exercise that will allow the candidate to be busy with his penis every day,creating in him the illusion that he is doing something to increase the size of it.While he is doing that useless exercise let as sell him a myriad of memberships to paid web sites,and products also useless (such as penis pills,penis pumps,and penis stretchers,you name it).
The commercial promoters of Jelq are resourcefull,clever and reckless ,and they created a "web" of false claims to entangle their potential clients which includes many so called "free" sites and forums that support Jelq as a legitimate method,making believe that even the "objective" free sites believe in that lousy waste of time and energy.
What is Jelq under any name?Is basically to grab your penis at its basis with an embrace of your thumb and forefinger,and squeeze forward till the embrace reaches the head of the penis.They claim that this forces blood into the penis tissue forcefully so that the size of the penis "corpus cavernosum" cells increases,generating an increase in penis size.Any medical doctor will tell you that this is nearly impossible.The goal of Jelq is to make you exercise with your penis without exerting a real strong stretch on it(which is the only action that would generate penis enlargement).
Jelq has generally two effects:1)a massaging effect which has no influence in penis enlargement and 2)a stretching effect,which has an outcome on penis lengthening which is proportional with the tensile force applied and the time logged.
In this case we are talking about around or less that fifteen minutes a day(net stretching time of 60 minutes Jelking very vigorously),and a quite mild tensile force,so the enlarging effect is nill.With penis weights every hanging minute is a net stretching minute,and you also know the strength(weight) of the stretch is intense enough to generate penis enlargement.
From the 2014 edition of www.cornellurology.com(search subject Jelq) we quote:

"Jelqing (jelq) is a type of exercise to increase girth of the penis by increasing positive pressure in the penis. By rolling the fingers from the base of the penis toward the head with the penis mostly rigid, the blood flow pushes on the side of penis and is supposed to stretch the tissues. This technique, in principle, is a modification of an old technique of the penile vacuum device (penile pump), where, by placing the cylinder on the penis and by creating negative pressure, the tissues get expanded. There are not medical studies evaluating the effectiveness of either jelqing or the penile pump to increase girth of the penis."

This means 2 things:1)Jelq has no PERMANENT effect in neither length nor girth of the penis size exactly as Vacuum pumps dont,2)Jelq has to begin with no effect in penis length whatsoever.

Even if Jelq is useless,that does not mean real penis enlargement cannot take place while using only your hands:
The oldest and only by hand method that works is given to you right here:

The classical by hand stretching technique.

How does proper penis stretching work?It is based on the principle of action and adjustment of living tissue.The principle states that if you apply an action towards any living tissue,the organism will react changing to meet the challenge.In other words if you stretch your penis at the right intensity and with the proper means of holding the penis,the living tissue will go through the following two processess:1)Microscopic gaps between the penile tissue cells will be generated that are like small wounds,which in order to heal require the generation of new tissue cells(IN practical terms this translates into penis lengthening) and 2)The overall cross section of the penis(its girth or width) will have to increase so that the average tensile stress applied to a unit (a square inch) returns to an acceptable level(this would be the adjustment to an external action).Therefore the penis will also gain thickness.
Because of those two reasons,if you use stretching wisely,meaning the right grip of your penis,the right tensile stress,the right amount of time,the right precautions.In one word if you apply the correct penis enlargement stretching methodology,you will gain inches,both in length and girth.
By hand stretching is certainly the most widespread method of penis enlargement used by men.Millions use it at certain stage on life (mostly in the youth) to increase penis size.Yet the vast majority of penis enlargement seekers do not know it because this technique is father-sun word of mouth transmitted among the "initiated".Our service to you is to disclose this simple,yet powerful technique.

It consists on grabbing the penis with one hand,in such a way that your pinkie finger exercises pressure upon the glans (the head) of your penis,and all the other fingers press against the shaft of it,and once you grabbed it like this,you pull the hand away from the body,applying a tensile stress on the penis.
Do not be concerned about how exactly to grab the penis.Is a matter of experience.The idea is that you grab the penis in any way you find comfortable and stretch it by pulling away from the body.The gains will be linearly proportional to the amount of time that you hold the penis under tensile stress.Many people do it in bed ,one hour before going to sleep and one our before leaving bed.This system works,although slowly,is safe and obviously inexpensive.
You could achieve gains of less than 1/3 of an inch per year average if you pull 2 hours a day.Those gains will vary from individual to individual and their cumulative effect is felt after 10 or 15 years.This is obviously not a quick fix or even a reasonably fast method but it works as a lifetime quest,and as such it is being used by millions on a daily basis to ensure slow but sure gains.
It is essential to point out that the hand stretch does not work for everybody,apparently having to do with the personal ability to get a "good grip" that ensures that the force acting upon the penis is strong enough to be of any use.This ability is called also "good luck".

Here we come across the basic principle of results in penis enlargement,and it is "apply enough tensile force to stretch the penis during enough time and you will see results".
By now you must ask yourself if there is a stretching method that acts similarly to the stretching by hand,but with increased intensity,that is safe,and still much quicker than stretching by hand,that has been designed for standalone use(not after surgery) and does not have any of the drawbacks of the stretching devices discussed somewhere else (CLICK HERE).The answer here luckily is yes.
SIZEWARRIOR penis traction system will do the job safely and at a much quicker pace.It has an attachment of the traction source to your penis which allows to use the maximal amount of force possible for the longest periods of time necessary.You will gain at least one inch in six months while training from 45 minutes a day,five times a week.The system includes everything needed to suceed:excelent steel gravitational traction source, the patented attachment device,and complete instructions with photographs that will put you in the right track fast to become a dream lover,and a truly self confident man in bed and everywhere else.With the SIZEWARRIOR penis stretching system I gained two inches in 9 months.
So you have three alternatives:
1)Accept your penis size as it is and look for your right sexual partner.

2)Use the hand stretching technique brought here for slow yet real results.

3)Use the SIZEWARRIOR stretcher for faster safe real penis enlargement.It worked for me,and thousands of others.

Whatever your decision,I certainly wish you luck,and the ability to change for the better things that can be changed,and accept all others,and most of all the wisdom to discern among them…

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